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For many people wellies and cold feet seem to go together but this need not be the case. People who think wellies have to be cold have never bought a pair of good quality wellingtons. Today wellingtons come with many options for the lining of the wellie boots. Wellies now fall into the following categories of lining:

The most basic of lining is a cotton/nylon material which whilst offering little in the way of insulation does keep your feet nice and cool when the weather is hotter or when you are very active in your wellington boots.

The next most common lining is neoprene. Neoprene is a dense sponge with millions of tiny pockets of trapped air, this makes neoprene a very effective insulation material. These days neoprene lined wellies tend to have between 3mm and 5mm neoprene within the whole boot. One advantage of neoprene is that it is very robust and durable and its insulation properties will not degrade over time. Being a "sponge" it will also help to make the whole of the wellington feel padded and soft.

A lining that is gaining popularity is faux fur or a real fleece lining, particularly in ladies boots. The attraction of this over a neoprene lining is that it tends to be lighter and more effective at wicking away perspiration from your feet. It also has the obvious traits of being a great insulator and very soft. It will wear over time though, something quality neoprene does not do.

At the top end of the wellington boot market there are the leather lined wellies. These boots are lined with the finest full-grained leather and have the most comfortable and luxurious feel to them. Despite their high price they are very popular with people who spend a great deal of time in wellies. They tend to be warm (about the same as a 3mm neoprene wellie), very effective at dispersing and wicking away perspiration and if looked after will last a long time.

Finally there are hybrid combinations of neoprene and fleece such as those on some versions of Muck Boots. These tend to be aimed at extreme temperatures and are rated to temperatures well below freezing. They tend to very effective in the cold but of course can be too hot at some times of the year.

The answer to the initial question is not straight forward because your choice of lining is not simply about temperature but also about feel, perspiration and wicking of moisture from the feet. If in doubt though go for a classic neoprene lined wellie such as the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO a top-quality well proven wellington from Aigle.

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