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Wellies are arguably the most versatile of footwear! People wear wellies for work, and leisure; If your activities involve the British weather, mud, muck or livestock then you are sure to need, or already own a pair of wellington boots. Here are a few simple things to think about:

Wellies for enjoying the odd Sunday afternoon stroll in the winter: Budget is perhaps the important factor here; there is no need to go for an expensive or specialist pair of wellies just to wear them once a month for a walk in the park. Hunter Wellies or Joules Wellies do great ranges that would suit, often in fun colours and different fits. A note of caution though: really cheap wellies (the sort you get for £20 from the local garden centre) do not normally fit your feet well and are not suited to prolonged wearing. If you wear them for prolonged walking they will not only hurt your feet but can potentially damage your feet permanently over time.

Daily dog walkers usually turn to wearing wellies at some point of the year. When the weather turns and the once firm and dry footpaths churn up into bottomless quagmires, wellies tend to be the only suitable footwear. We often get dog walkers ring us who have been getting through several pairs of cheap wellingtons a year and are fed up with not only the cost but also the poor fitting nature of these. Some of our dog walking customers include professional dog walkers who notch-up incredible mileage each week and these people really do need to get their footwear right if they are to avoid problems with their feet later in life. Here at Wellie-Web we have a few models of wellington we have confidence in to be able to recommend. Our first recommendation tends to be the Aigle Parcours 2 wellington and its variants the Aigle Parcours 2 Vario and the neoprene lined version the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO. This wellie boot is an evolution in wellingtons that has been improved gradually over the years and is firmly aimed at walkers. It has a more fitted shape being built around a walking boot last that give the ankle support and holds the leg and foot firmly, minimizing movement, reducing rubbing and blistering. In recent years it has also been fitted with an "anti-fatigue sole" unit - a name that is not just a marketing tag but something backed up by scientific test data.

If you use your wellies regularly in your daily life or take part in country sports, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality wellingtons! All the top brands offer great boots for everyday use and vary from being fairly basic to being highly technical. One boot stands out above all the others for popularity and is the boot of envy and that is the Le Chameau Chasseur. At every shoot throughout Britain there are people wearing these luxurious boots. As well as being exceptionally comfy, they are also durable and very stylish. Another very popular range of boots are the Hunter Balmorals. These come in neoprene lined or cotton/nylon lined versions and are one of the most popular wellingtons we sell. They also have a specific ladies Balmoral that is shaped for a ladies leg making it more slender and better fitting for most ladies.

Wellies for farmers and people working in the countryside are important. Many vets, farmers and the like "live in" their wellies seven days a week and it is vital for them to have footwear that is comfortable, durable and safe. When wellies are worn in a work situation, it tends to be a harsh environment, and as such some wellington boots are just not suitable. Having grown up on a mixed arable and livestock farm I know what wellingtons have to put up with. It is remarkable how much a farmer is willing to pay to keep his livestock or machinery in good condition at the same time as neglecting their own comfort and safety. Farming is a dangerous environment and one untimely slip, or lapse of concentration can be very painful at best and at worst lead to horrific injury. Investing in decent footwear is a simple way to go help protect yourself, as well as making life more comfortable. Wellie-Web sells two major brands that specialise in wellingtons suitable for the work and farming environment. The first brand is Muck Boots who offer a number of ruggedly built wellingtons that are firmly aimed at the work environment. Apart from being tough, resistant to wear and animal faeces, they are also made with neoprene and are very warm. In terms of pricing they come in under £100 and represent excellent value. There is also a steel-toe capped version. The second brand is Dunlop Safety Wellies. These wellies are specifically aimed at the agricultural sector and are made from compounds that are highly resistant to chemicals and oils. They also do two steel toe-capped wellies, the Dunlop Purofort + Safety and the Dunlop Purofort Thermo + full safety , both these boots conform to the safety standard EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC. The Dunlop Purofort Thermo + boot also has a massively insulated sole that makes it ideal for working on cold concrete for hours.

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