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Good quality wellingtons are made from natural rubber and it needs looking after just as a leather pair of boots do. If you do not look after the rubber then it will not last. Basically natural rubber can dry out and loose its elasticity leading it to crack, because of this you need to follow a few simple rules. Invest in a can of rubber boot spray such as Le Chameau Boot Spray or Aigle Boot Spray. Use these cheap sprays regularly and it will help to prevent the rubber from drying out. It never ceases to amaze us here that so few people will actually use this stuff, it is very cheap and a simple way to look after your wellington boots.

Store your boots in a dry room away from direct sunlight, UV from the sun can damage the rubber if it is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. If you are not going to use them for a while then lightly pack them out with a bit of scrumpled-up newspaper, this will help to keep their shape and will help prevent bugs making their home in them. Also beware of rodents, mice in particular seem to find wellies particularly comfortable places to set up home!

If your boots have got really filthy then is is worth washing them off with cold water and a small amount of mild detergent but if you do this then always treat with a boot spray afterwards. If they have been subjected to animal manure then the ammonia in this can be very aggressive to rubber and it is well worth giving them a good wash off.

If you have wellingtons with a zipped side such as the Le Chameau Chassuer then you need to pay special attention to these - not least because they are valuable boots. Never force the zips and always ensure they are clear of mud and grit before you try to do them up. Failure of zips through mistreatment is not covered under warranty. If you need to lubricate your zips then you must only use wellington boot sprays or special zip lubes like the Hunter Wellington Boot Zip Care. Never be tempted to use a oil based lubricant, you will quickly rot the rubber and ruin your wellingtons.

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